Off the Beaten Path: Adventure Travel

For most people, travel is all about booking hotel rooms and visiting the usual ‘must-see’ tourist spots. Other people, however, prefer travelling to places well off the beaten path – places, in other words, where the average tourist fears to tread.

This blog is intended specifically for those in the latter category: fearless travellers who long for adventure, unique experiences, and thoroughly unconventional places.

Here, readers will find an array of articles about everything having to do with adventure travel, including the world’s most exciting and out-of-the-way destinations, the best (and most cost-effective) ways to get there, and much, much more.

Electronics to Carry on Your Adventure Trip

15 Jan 2024

There is a packing list, and then there is an adventure packing list. Sure, you can't just throw anything you find into the suitcase when going on an adventure trip. From first aid kits and toiletries to electronics, you will need to be meticulous about what you pack. This post focuses on the electronics.

Essential Electronics

The electronics you bring on your adventure travel will depend on your needs and the nature of the trip. However, there are those electronics you will need regardless of where you're going; they are essential for just about any adventure trip. The first essential in this regard is a phone. Whether a cellphone or a smartphone, this device is essential for communication. That's because your family and friends may occasionally want to hear a ''Hi Ken, I am alive'' message, given that you will be on an off-the-beaten-path. Your phone will also double as a camera (if it is a smartphone) so you can share the experience with your loved ones. Other essential electronics in this regard include a charger/power bank, GPS device, and flashlight.

Non-Essential Electronics

You perhaps want to bring a laptop, document every bit of the experience, and brag about it later. But that's not all, as there are other electronics in this category, including an iPod, drone, tablet, and solar watch, which can help you get the most from your trip. For instance, a solar watch can be a valuable companion thanks to several advantages, including the fact that it relies on sunlight for power. Do you want to pack headphones and enjoy some tunes as you brave the rugged terrains? That's not a bad idea either!

Death Valley: A Dangerous Tourist Destination

19 Mar 2021

With a rather sinister reputation, Death Valley, as its name suggests, actually lives up to that. It's sandwiched between California and Nevada, and it's known for very high temperatures. Some tourists die here thanks to dehydration (who can forget Dave Legeno- Harry Potter actor?) A must-visit for adventure travelers.

Reasons to Visit Cullen, Scotland

24 Feb 2021

While Glasgow and Edinburgh are the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland, Cullen is an equally fantastic spot. It is a small village where fishing is a culture, meaning that seafood is common here. It is home to Cullen beach and beautiful golf courses, to mention but a few attractions.

Danakil Depression: Hot and Harsh But Lovable

20 Jan 2021

Located in Ethiopia, Danakil Depression is one of those places where common sense tells anyone never to step foot there, while the spirit of adventure gives approval. It is home to salt mountains, steaming fissures, acid pools, and hot springs. It is a top destination for adventure travelers.